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Advocacy Service: Now Accepting New Referrals

The SARSVL Advocacy Service has recently reopened their referrals so that women and girls over the age of 16 can be referred in to access their support. The Advocacy Service provides information and emotional and practical support to women and girls over 16 who have made a report of rape or sexual violence to the

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Remembering Srebrenica

Statement on Srebrenica Memorial Day 2020 This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, in which over 8,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered in the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War, simply because of their religious identity. As an organisation that works with survivors of sexual violence, we

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Loughborough University: Survey for Survivors

Academic Dr Olivia Smith from Loughborough University has created a survey for survivors, in order to understand  survivors’ decisions about engaging with the criminal justice system. She has said: “We are doing this research to better understand what support should be offered to survivors like you, and when these should be offered. Our aim is

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Support During COVID-19

Currently a lot of services are offering alternative support to their normal operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We wanted to compile a helpful list of resources for women and girls who are survivors of rape and sexual violence in Leeds at the moment. Our Helpline is open two days a week at the moment

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Share Care and Create: How to help someone like me

                    The SARSVL Peer Support Group has come together to collect ideas for how friends, relatives, and loved ones can go about supporting survivors. Remind me it’s not my fault, and do this often Respect my safe place – I need to go there sometimes Remind

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Share Care and Create: Stress Busters

These are the things we like to do when we’re feeling stressed… Play your favourite music Sing or dance as if nobody is watching Make your own music! If you don’t have an instrument try using… Tissue paper around a comb to make a kazoo Rice or beads in a container to shake Wooden spoons

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Rape Crisis England and Wales Launches Live Chat Helpline

Rape Crisis England & Wales – Live Chat Helpline The Rape Crisis England & Wales (RCEW) Live Chat Helpline offers a text-based service for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. The Live Chat Helpline operators are there are there to listen and offer you emotional support for up to 30 minutes. You can

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