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We use your feedback to improve and develop our services

You Said, We Did

Feedback from the women and girls who have used our services is really important to us. We use it to ensure that we are providing the best service that we can because our woman-centred practice is led by the women we support.

Here are a few changes we’ve made to our services as a result of what women and girls have told us they need from SARSVL:

Increased and varied our helpline opening hours to include a late night sessions and afternoon sessions and a morning session – there is SARSVL helpline coverage at some point every day of the week.

Provided interpreters for women who use a language other than English, including British Sign Language

Located our Centre in a building which can be reached easily by public transport from anywhere in Leeds

Ensured that our publicity material is clear and simple

Sent our staff and volunteers out to community groups, raising awareness of what we do and how women and girls can access our services

So, if you have used our services in the past and would like to contribute to our ongoing development of services, please complete and return our feedback survey which can be found here.

Call our helpline free on
0808 802 3344

Your call should be answered immediately during our helpline opening times, unless we’re on another call. If we’re closed or on another call you can leave us a message and we’ll call you back.