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Self-Care Sessions (1:1 work)

Currently, the waiting list for Self-Care sessions is closed.

Self-Care Sessions

This brief counselling provides eight weekly sessions. Self-care counselling offers the opportunity to develop well-being strategies through reconnecting with and developing internal and external resources. This could minimise the impact of sexual violence on daily functioning and to help you alleviate symptoms of trauma such as flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anxieties or relationships difficulties. This is a short term program which will not be suitable for in-depth exploration but can support you in alleviating some intrusive traumatic memories. Many women found these sessions helpful and felt that their view of themselves had changed and in the process they were able to enjoy their lives more.

‘I have found silence really enjoyable for the first time in a long time’.

This program is suitable for women who:

  • would like to improve their well-being and daily functioning after experiencing sexual violence but don’t feel ready to explore in depth their own experiences
  • are able to commit to eight weekly sessions
  • are not sure if longer term counselling is the right service for them
  • are not able to commit to the longer term counselling at present
  • are involved with a Criminal Justice System


Currently we are not able to accept new referrals for self-care sessions. Please, keep checking the website for updates. 

 For more information or to email a referral form please contact counselling@sarsvl.org.uk 

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