We are now accepting self-referrals from women who would like to access 20 weeks of counselling, and are able to work remotely.

Twenty sessions of weekly counselling offers a space to explore your feelings and thoughts about what happened to you over a longer period of time. It provides an opportunity for in-depth exploration and processing of traumatic experiences, as well as creating coping mechanisms to manage their impact.

This program is suitable for women who:

  • can access the internet via a device with a camera and microphone
  • can be in a private space, undisturbed, for the duration of a weekly session
  • are able to commit to weekly counselling sessions for a longer period of time
  • would like to have time to explore their feelings and thoughts
  • would like to explore what has happened in a safe and supportive environment
  • would like to talk in more depth and feel ready to process the memories of the abuse

For more information about our counselling services, please click here.