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Anti-Racism Statement

SARSVL's Commitment

Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL) is an intersectional feminist organisation, committed to social justice, equity, inclusion, anti-racism and anti-oppression of all kinds.

These values and principles form the foundation of our organisation. We aim and actively work to ensure they are embedded throughout our services, our operations and our culture.

The SARSVL leadership – our Board of Trustees, our CEO and the wider senior team – are accountable for ensuring we live up to these standards. At the same time, every SARSVL volunteer, paid staff member and freelance contractor takes responsibility for modelling, upholding and embodying them.

We understand that anti-racism is an ongoing and lifelong commitment and process. As an organisation where the majority of volunteers, paid staff and leaders are currently white-identifying, we know the particular importance of ensuring the voice and experience of black- and brown-identifying and racially minoritised people inform, guide and are at the centre of all we do.

We recognise that racism is widespread, structural and systemic throughout our society. We know it takes many different forms and exists within the violence against women and girls sector and Rape Crisis movement of which we’re members, as well as in our organisation. Part of our commitment to becoming and remaining actively anti-racist is our willingness to recognise, challenge and dismantle the racism and white supremacy culture we find inside ourselves and in the spaces we occupy, and to accept this might involve discomfort.

We are pleased and proud to have worked in partnership with the Racial Justice Network to engage with powerful and meaningful anti-racism training, and we are in the process of rolling out our Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion action plan. We are signatories to the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Sector Anti-Racism Charter.

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