These are the things we like to do when we’re feeling stressed…

  • Play your favourite music
  • Sing or dance as if nobody is watching
  • Make your own music! If you don’t have an instrument try using…
    • Tissue paper around a comb to make a kazoo
    • Rice or beads in a container to shake
    • Wooden spoons on a pan or biscuit tin
    • Elastic bands over a box to pluck like a guitar or harp
  • Spend some time outdoors
  • Visit an animal of a friend or family member, or spend time with your own pet
  • Arrange to meet a friend for coffee
  • Prepare and cook something you like to eat
  • Do a bit of exercise – check out free videos or podcasts for some handy tips
  • Have a nap
  • Watch YouTube videos – we enjoy beauty and craft videos, and blooper reels
  • Try meditation or breathing exercises
  • Watch your favourite TV show or film

We hope you enjoy trying out these tips at home, and that you find them helpful!