The SARSVL Peer Support Group has come together to collect ideas for how friends, relatives, and loved ones can go about supporting survivors.

  • Remind me it’s not my fault, and do this often
  • Respect my safe place – I need to go there sometimes
  • Remind me that what I am going through is a normal reaction to what has happened
  • Ask me what I need to feel safe
  • When I feel low, remind me of the good things in my life
  • Give me hope, something to look forward to
  • Help me ground myself
  • Don’t let me dwell on the past
  • Give me space to vent
  • Be aware that something might trigger a learned reaction in my body
  • Plan for us to do something together
  • Just listen
  • Tell me how you’re feeling and how my behaviour might be affecting you
  • Distract me from what’s going on in my head

Above all, tell me that it’s ok to not be ok.