Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds is the Rape Crisis Centre for Leeds providing specialist, independent and free support to any self-defining women or girl who has experienced rape, child sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence.

As part of Leeds Pride’s celebration of our gender identities and sexual orientation we are facilitating a safe space for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and non binary women who may have experienced rape or sexual violence to focus on their self care whilst contributing to the development of our services.

There will be a holistic therapist at the venue, providing complimentary sessions and all attendees will receive a ‘self care gift bag’ with loads of treats that they can use to practice self-care in their own time. As well as giving those who attend the chance to focus on some self care, SARSVL staff and volunteers will be present to ask for their thoughts on how we can make SARSVL a welcoming and inclusive space form members of the LGB&T* community to access sexual violence support as and when they require it.

Made possible by Leeds Pride’s Community Grant.