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Service Delivery Volunteers

Find out about who our Service Delivery Volunteers are and what they do at SARSVL

SARSVL Service Delivery Volunteers deliver our Helpline and Counselling services and help administer the day to day running of the services at our Centre in Leeds.


Counselling Volunteers

We are currently not recruiting volunteer counsellors due to limited capacity, we will update the website as soon as we reopen to applications.

In the meantime, you can read our interview with Lydia below talking about her experience of volunteering with us.

Are you thinking about applying for the role of Counselling Volunteer, but wondering what it might be like volunteering for a Rape Crisis centre? Then look no further – one of our Volunteer Counsellors, Lydia, has given us a short interview below about her experience volunteering at SARSVL…

Q: How would you describe your volunteering experience at SARSVL?

I love volunteering here! [SARSVL is] friendly, supportive, passionate, inspiring, challenging (in a good way!). [SARSVL is also] professional, safe, and responsible in the work that we do and the service that we offer.

Q: What are the reasons for you to volunteer at SARSVL?

To learn to practise in a trauma informed way, within a supportive environment, and to understand how counselling services can operate in the voluntary sector.

Q: If any, is there anything you are getting on personal/professional level from volunteering here?

On a professional level: free, quality supervision; connection with other therapists; and the opportunity to develop new skills with a new client group. On a personal level: I have gained confidence in my practice; feeling of belonging and purpose; and inspiration and motivation for development.


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