We would like to recruit a Leeds based woman graphic artist (illustrator, designer, cartoonist – whatever you describe yourself as) to volunteer with us to create a series of illustrations to represent our service and our target service users.

We’re looking for someone to bring our SARSVL ‘sisterhood’ to life through positive and engaging imagery so that every woman and girl we are trying to reach will connect with our marketing materials and presence across Leeds – identifying with us and understanding that our services are for her.

This opportunity is suitable for an established artist or a student, aged 18 or over.

This volunteer will work closely with two Trustees from SARSVL to create a tailored collection of bespoke illustrations/designs that will complement our existing corporate branding. The imagery created will be used on publicity materials about our services and contribute to the look of our new website which is currently in development and, well… who knows?! We’re open to your ideas about where else we can go with this.

It is intended the illustrations/designs will also feature on merchandise such as cloth book bags, mugs, postcards, badges, postcards and t-shirts.

The exact form and content of the work will very much depend on the style of the woman who will be volunteering to do the project with us and is most certainly up for discussion. The images may feature women and girls, symbols that represent SARSVL services and the Rape Crisis movement and/or landscapes that are recognisable as Leeds. We’re open to all ideas.

You will bring:

  • An ability to work collaboratively with up to two representatives of SARSVL and fulfil the project brief
  • Good time keeping and communication skills
  • Creative ideas and technical skill
  • An understanding of the SARSVL service and a commitment to our core values

We can offer:

  • Background information about SARSVL and insight into our vision
  • A bespoke volunteering opportunity to commission a collection of designs that (whilst belonging to SARSVL) you can then feature in your own portfolio
  • Basic expenses – e.g. travel, and some materials
  • The chance to work with a unique local women’s organisation
  • The opportunity for you to take creative ownership of a project and contribute to our publicity materials that will be distributed across the city
  • A reference and testimonials from us about your work

If you are interested in volunteering with SARSVL on this illustrator/design project please complete and return this attached basic application form. Please make sure to include samples of your work, or links to where we can look at them.

Please return your completed application to us by 4th December 2015 – info@sarsvl.org.uk.