SARSVL are delighted by the support offered to our publicity by Hyde Park Picture House who have kindly given up part of their latest programme available here  to advertise our services to Freshers arriving in Leeds to start their courses.

Hyde Park Picture House Manager Wendy Cook says, “September is a great time of year here in Leeds, I love the way that the new term brings so many new faces to our city and to the Picture House. It’s really important to us that the new set of Freshers have a really positive experience in Leeds and of course that means helping make the city’s cultural offer top notch but as a business we try to recognise we also have a responsibility to help these new students stay safe. A couple of ways we’ve been able to do that is to support the important work of SARSVL and we also participate in the University of Leeds Safe Spaces scheme. It’s sad that both initiatives are needed in our city but while there is a need I’m really pleased there are people doing such good work to make things better.”

Download the latest programme here

Thanks to our friends at Hyde Park Picture House ( for this wonderful opportunity to spread the word about our much needed services to women new to Leeds.