SARSVL will run a pilot advocacy support service for women over 18 years in Leeds who have experienced sexual violence and who may need advocacy support.

How can you be supported by our advocacy service?

The advocacy service has been created to offer you a range of different types of support you may require. We will work with you to assess your needs and help to identify what type of support you may require in your current situation.

You can be supported in a number of ways, such as:

Emotional – the advocacy service can offer some emotional support but is not a counselling service. However we can point you towards counselling services in Leeds if you think that is what you need.

Legal – we are able to offer you support by talking through the reporting and we can explain what will happen/what to expect in the legal process.

Health – for example, help you to make arrangements to go to a clinic or your doctor

Housing – we can discuss and help you to find out about your housing options

Safety – we would work with you to assess if you are safe and  we can support you to put relevant orders e.g. restraining orders in place, if necessary

Finances – if you are struggling financially then we will be able to inform you of where to seek the appropriate help from, for example, attending the local CAB

Support network –   help you  to identify what support you already have in place and anything that your family and/or friends can do to help support you

Children – if you have any concerns about your children then we can help you to explore these and discuss your options

Who can access the SARSVL Advocacy Service?

Any woman in Leeds over 18 years who has experienced sexual violence, including rape and who may need some advocacy support.

How can you access SARSVL advocacy support? 

You can access our advocacy service in the following ways:



Telephone: 0113 200 2930