Leeds’s Mezz Club discovered that rape is not a joking matter when they had their licence suspended following concerns about their advertising methods for a ‘freshers’ night.

SARSVL and other campaigners were shocked and disgusted to see a short promotional ‘Freshers Violation’ video in which male students ‘joked’ about raping a girl as part of a night out. The misfired promotional video and subsequent protests drew attention from West Yorkshire Police who acted swiftly ordering a licence review on the grounds of crime, disorder and public safety “linked to highly inappropriate and sexually suggestive advertising campaigns”.

When a 2,500 signature petition objecting to the promotional campaign was presented the club’s owners they appeared unconcerned, we expect their are much more focused on the impact of their actions now.

SARSVL hopes that other clubs will take note – these jokes and digs and beliefs about rape being a laughing matter are anything but, we campaign at all times to change attitudes towards rape and sexual violence and it’s time that advertising focused at young men and women having a good time was brought into the 21st Century.

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