Here are some comments we’ve received from our service users over the past few months…

“You’re very understanding and a good listener.”

“One day I would like everything to be ok and be able to just ring and thank you for everything. You’re  the only place that tells me I have nothing to apologise for and you listen to me.”

“I feel a lot calmer after talking to you.”

“It’s good to know someone is at the end of the phone if I am panicking.”

 “Thanks for listening. I can sleep after talking to you and feel relaxed.”

“Thank you for having your stickers in (public) toilets. I immediately had some info to give to a young person who recently confided in me about being raped. I’m so relieved and appreciate that the sticker was in my mind.” (More about SARSVL Sticker Ninja’s here – if you can help us spread the word).

We’re here to help.