This poem was sent to our info@ email address by a female rape survivor for any sufferers or survivors of rape or sexual abuse.


I know where you have come from,
Our eyes have seen the same,
I have felt the fear that you have,
and I cried my eyes in blame.

I see you are so beautiful,
I’d say it ever loud,
To tell you how I notice you,
and feel so very proud.

You’re no more a victim now,
You’re no longer so weak,
I take your hand and beg you,
I beg you please, to speak.

Don’t conceal your mouth,
Don’t trap it in your mind,
Let it out and keep it out,
And leave it all behind.

Some days it may still visit you,
And linger for an hour,
You will smile at it and lead it on,
As you now have great power.

The power to say goodbye to it,
The power to let it leave,
You may not realise all your strength,
Until you do believe.