We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new Counselling Service, which is now open to receiving enquiries and referrals from women aged 18+ who have experienced sexual violence of any kind at any time in their lives. Our new service offers specialist therapeutic support in a women-only space and stands alongside our existing Advocacy and Helpline services.

We at Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds have long been aware of the demand for counselling for women in Leeds who have experienced sexual violence, mostly because the women that access our services tell us that this is something they need to recover and heal. They also tell us that this is hard to find especially if they cannot afford private therapy, and other services tell them they are not able to work through their experiences of sexual violence with them.

Recovering from experiences of sexual violence takes time and we are able to offer longer-term help to women who feel traumatised by what they have experienced. Our Counselling Service was set up in response to this need, and is unique in being able to offer free one-to-one and group counselling in a women-only space for up to one year.

Experiencing any form of sexual violence can impact every aspect of a woman’s life meaning that even the smallest thing can seem like a huge challenge. Many women feel stuck because they don’t understand what’s happening to them, and can’t move on with their lives. Very often women will want to talk about what happened but people don’t want to listen and don’t believe what they say. Therefore women don’t feel there is anywhere for them to go and speak to someone who will understand and help them.

We’re so pleased that our new Counselling Service, and our other services, can make a huge difference.

To find out more and make a referral please call 01132 200 2936 or e-mail counselling@sarsvl.org.uk.

We welcome and accommodates all women aged 18+ regardless of disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnic origin, nationality and national origin, religion and belief and sexual orientation. Our offices are wheelchair accessible and we work with interpreters.