The SARSVL Treasurer would work in close co-operation with, and provide support and advice to, the SARSVL Development Co-ordinator (Finance). This is a voluntary role.

Main Duties (with proposed time commitment)

  1. To work with the Development Co-ordinator (Finance) to prepare and agree annual budget (half day once a year)
  2. Guide and advise the Steering Group in the approval of budgets, accounts and financial statements (at Steering Group (SG) meetings)
  3. Authorise expenditure over £500 (as and when quick 5 minute email)
  4. Keep the Trustees informed about its financial duties and responsibilities (at SG meetings)
  5. Confirm that the financial resources of SARSVL meet present and future needs (minimal)
  6. Understand the accounting procedures and key internal controls, so as to be able to assure the Board of SARSVL financial integrity (half day induction into financial procedures)
  7. Ensure funds are used in accordance with the governing document (minimal)
  8. Appoint an independent examiner and ensure that the accounts are properly independently examined, that accepted recommendations of the examiners are implemented ( half day once a year)
  9. Submit the annual accounts and annual return to Companies House (half day once a year)
  10. Formally present the accounts at the AGM, drawing attention to important points (at the AGM)
  11. Monitor SARSVL’s investment activity and ensure its consistency with policies, aims, objectives and legal responsibilities (minimal)
  12. Liaise with the bank, SARSVL’s auditors or other financial institutions on behalf of the organisation (minimal)
  13. Advise on financial policy issues, for example, what expenses can be claimed and the procedures for claiming them, financial implications of new activities, or the organisation’s policy on charging for its services (minimal)
  14. Make financial decisions, as authorised on behalf of the Steering Group, between meetings (quick email as and when)
  15. Ensure that the organisation makes pension provision for staff in line with legal requirements and value for money (minimal)
  16. Advise on the process for choosing which banks or other financial institutions the organisation should use and what type of bank accounts it should have (minimal)
  17. Advise the Steering Group on the financial implications of SARSVL strategic plans and key assumptions included in operational plans and annual budget (at SG meetings)
  18. Present the end-of-year financial report (draft annual accounts) to the Steering Group  (half day plus at one SG meeting)

Treasurer Person Specification

Specific to the role of Treasurer:

  1. Financial qualifications and/or experience
  2. Knowledge of SAGE accounting software
  3. Some experience of charity finance, fundraising, payroll and pension schemes
  4. The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences
  5. Being prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the board
  6. Willingness to be available to the development co-ordinator (finance) for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis


If you are a woman who meets the above specification and feel this is something you could offer SARSVL please contact us at to express your interest and find out more.

Thank you.