Advocacy Counselling Helpline

Face-to-Face Emotional Support

Appointments available in the city centre

Face-to-face emotional support appointments are currently not available. We will update this page when we reopen the face-to-face appointments. 

The support we provide face-to-face is exactly the same as on the telephone, text and email services. You will see one of our helpline volunteers in our women-only safe space and she will listen to you and help you talk about how you’re feeling. It isn’t counselling or a course of support sessions, so you will only be able to book one appointment at a time. You can book face-to-face appointments as many times as you like but you will not necessarily see the same woman for each appointment.  When you make an appointment, we will only ask you for a name that we can call you and a contact number, in case we need to cancel your appointment. Each session lasts up to 50 minutes.

To find out more about our face-to-face emotional support service or to book an appointment, please contact us on our telephone helpline number during our opening hours (see below). If you’d like to book an appointment for the face-to-face emotional support service and it isn’t possible for you to contact us by telephone, please contact the helpline by email. We are unable to book face-to-face appointments by text message.

We offer an interpretation service at face to face appointment for a range of common languages in Leeds – please find out more about that here.

Call us on 0808 802 3344
Email us: support [at] sarsvl.org.uk

Please note we are currently unable to offer face to face emotional support appointments. We will update this page when appointments become available.

Call us free on
0808 802 3344

Your call should be answered immediately during our opening times, unless we’re on another call. If we’re closed or on another call you can leave us a message and we’ll call you back.