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Self-Care Group Sessions ‘From Surviving to Thriving’.

 Self-Care Group Sessions ‘From Surviving to Thriving’.

Self-care group sessions offer the opportunity to develop well-being strategies through sharing, interacting and learning from other group members as well as internal and external resources. This could minimise the impact of sexual violence on daily functioning, increase the sense of belonging and social interactions. This is a short term program which will focus on moving on from surviving to thriving, focusing on developing strategies to support you in daily life.

This programme is suitable for women who:

  • would like to meet other women to end the feeling of isolation
  • would like to share their courage and what helped them to survive with other women
  • would like to explore and challenge the societal myths surrounding sexual violence and the recovery
  • are able and happy to engage in reflective exercises in a group without the in-depth disclosure of sexual violence


We are accepting referrals for self-care group sessions.

Self Referral                     Agency Referral

For more information or to email a referral form please contact counselling@sarsvl.org.uk 

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