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Object to the renewal of Leeds Lap Dancing Club Licences

Six lap dancing clubs in Leeds have applied for renewal of their licences. Individuals and groups have the right to object to these licences being renewed. We’ll be raising an objection and we’re asking you to too. At the bottom of this article we provide a template letter you can use, and details of how to submit your objection. Please don’t delay, the deadline for receipt of objections is 24 October 2013.

Why are SARSVL opposed to Lap Dancing clubs?

There is an established link between crime and sex establishments, the 2003 Lillith report on lap dancing and striptease in the borough of Camden London, found reported rapes around lap dancing clubs to be three times the national average.

Leeds is a diverse city with a variety of cultures and faiths, representing around 11% of the city.  Women from a range of communities are intimidated by the proximity of these clubs.

Research has shown that wherever lap-dance and strip clubs appear, women’s quality of life deteriorates as a result, with increased reports of rape.  These establishments licence the objectification of women for money.  This actively damages women and girls living and working around lap-dancing clubs as well as the women working within them.

Leeds City Council themselves recognise in their 2013 Policy on Sexual Entertainment Venues (here) that: “SEVs are not in accordance with a culturally rich and diverse city. In particular SEVs tend not to be inclusive facilities, appeal only to a narrow sector of the community and are unlikely to enhance the cultural and child friendly reputation of the city “ (p19)

The above policy also agrees to limit the number of clubs in the city and to ensure they are not in the vicinity of sensitive locations such as historical buildings, places of worship or commemoration or family leisure facilities. Six of the clubs in Leeds currently have their licences up for renewal. You can raise an objection to this by writing to or emailing the entertainment licensing section of Leeds City Council. You can use one letter to object to all six licences, provided that you refer to all six clubs by name and by their reference number (details here).

SARSVL would love to get as many people in Leeds as possible to object to all these clubs and help make Leeds a safer city for women and girls. We’ve developed a template letter (download below) which you can use to raise your objection, if you want to edit what we’ve put then please feel free! Objections must be raised by 24th October.

Download a list of the clubs and their reference numbers by clicking here include the details of each club in your letter/email - download a template letter/ email here and send your objection(s) to:

Entertainment Licensing
Leeds City Council, Civic Hall
Leeds, LS1 1UR