Sexual harassment, violence and abuse is everywhere in the media. In today’s hyper connected world, it can be difficult to take a healthy ‘time out’ when we need to. Overhearing or being included in casual conversations initiated by media coverage can be equally difficult to navigate.

Justyna wrote up some simple, but oh so effective, self-care tips for the Mental Health Foundation website, and these covered:

Get grounded – to divert your thoughts and relax your brain

Take a breath – to refocus your mind while also relaxing your body

Say what you see – to focus your brain on other things

Set your anger free – to help regulate feelings of anger and rage that may understandably come up

Affirm your worth – to help you regulate feelings when you are low

Educate and empower – to help you to feel empowered and challenge victim-blaming myths

Sort your social media – to help to give you some headspace and control over the content you see online

Talk and share – to remind you that you’re not alone

If you are a survivor of sexual harassment, violence and abuse, all of this can have a negative impact on your mental health. To help minimise this impact there are a number of things you can try to put your wellbeing first.

Give yourself permission to take time out and focus on your own self-care – these tips are holistic, practical and open to all find the full article and guidance on the Mental Health Foundation website here.

Thanks to the Mental Health Foundation and our Senior Counsellor Justyna.