We are on a quest to share information about SARSVL with every woman in Leeds, and what better way to grab their attention than whilst they are enjoying a quiet moment to themselves?

Many of you will have seen that we managed to sticker many many public loos in Leeds over the past few years, but now we have our NEW NUMBER and ADDITIONAL SERVICES the old stickers need to be covered up, and we thought it would be great to have a major goal too.

So, if you can take a few stickers off our hands and stick them up please get in touch with our office info@sarsvl.org.uk and we can send you some out. If you spot some of our old stickers (rectangle, quoting our old Leeds number) please get in touch and tell us where they are so we can go and cover them up.

Help us to reach our goal (with the permission of the loo owners of course!).

Email: info@sarsvl.org.uk.

Thank you!!