To celebrate the changes afoot at SARSVL we’re running Create a Feminist SuperShero competition, open to girls of 18 and under. The winning piece will be used as part of our publicity materials targeted at signposting young women and girls to our services, displayed in our Centre and, who knows, she might even have her own comic strip on the SARSVL website.

The brief:

Create a Feminist SuperShero.

Some pointers…

What makes a feminist hero?

What does feminism mean to you?

What challenges might women and girls face that our feminist superhero would overcome?

Who do you look up to?

What are your experiences of being a young person today?

We welcome both group and individual work.

Ideally your finished artwork will be available electronically so we can adapt it to use in displays and on the website but if you would prefer to submit your work in any other media please feel free and we’ll adapt it for our use.

If you have any questions please

Completed pieces should be submitted to SARSVL at

PO BOX 827



by 30th September 2013.

Download a copy of the SuperShero brief here.